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                来源:中公农商行招聘考试网    发布时间:2019-07-29 09:15:00

                  26. You had better stay home in bed since you haven’t ______ recovered from the operation.

                  A. equally

                  B. excitedly

                  C. completely

                  D. confidently


                  27. The doctor had almost lost hope at one point, but the patient finally ______.

                  A. pulled out

                  B. pulled through

                  C. pulled up

                  D. pulled over

                  【答案】B。解析:考查动词短语辨析。句意:医生已一◢度失去希望了,但是病人最后渡过了难关。pull through渡过难关,从(重病中)恢复;pull out使……离开,火车出站;pull up使停下,拔起;pull over路边停车。根据句意,选B。

                  28. We should concentrate on sharply reducing interest rates to pull the economy out of ______.

                  A. rejection

                  B. restriction

                  C. retreat

                  D. recession

                  【答案】D。解析:考查名词辨析。句意:我们应该集中精力大幅降低利率,拉动经济走出衰退。rejection拒绝;restriction限制,约束;retreat撤退,退却;recession衰退,不景气。根ζ据句中的interest rates和economy可知答案选D。

                  29. In my opinion, he’s ______ the most imaginative of all the contemporary poets.

                  A. in all

                  B. at best

                  C. for all

                  D. by far

                  【答案】D。解析:考◣查短语辨析。句意:在我看来,他是迄今为止最富有想象力的当代诗人。in all合计,总计;at best最多;for all尽管,虽然;by far到目前为止→。根据语境,by far最符合句※意,故正确答案为D。

                  30. The leader of the expedition ______ everyone to follow his example.

                  A. promoted

                  B. reinforced

                  C. sparked

                  D. inspired






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